Olafur Arnalds

No, I am probably not back. I am still so inescapably busy, I am more frantic than an armless man with an itch.

But check this guy out. I followed my brother into the city to see this musician put on an incredible concert last night at the Melbourne Recital Centre. He is an Icelandic man by the name of Olafur Arnalds. He makes nice music.


13 thoughts on “Olafur Arnalds

  1. I love him! Unfortunately I missed him a couple of weeks ago because I was skint :(. It’s actually the second time I’ve missed him for that reason, better not make it a third time ;). I’m glad you enjoyed. And I’m glad you’re back, even if you’re not back back. I feel for you, I am sooooooo busy too!

    • I often miss musos because I’m skint, so my heart goes out to you. But fear not; third time’s the charm! Thanks, too, I’m very glad to be a little bit back. You’re doing well to still do your thing here while so busy. You’re a lot cleverer than I! And I’m happy about that. 🙂

      • I honestly don’t get the chance to post on here as much as I would like to. I never expected uni to take over so much of my life 😛 And I don’t believe I am cleverer than you, finding the time to do a blog post has nothing to do with being clever 😉

    • Haha, awesome! My pleasure, glad you enjoyed all that. It’s very mellow, but very beautiful. I wan’t sure, listening to it on the computer. But live it really takes on a life of it’s own and it’s mesmerising. I ended up glad I went.

  2. I was waiting for this post !!! Yay !!! So glad you found time to put up the video after all. And it’s wonderful to see you, even if you only have time to pop in for a quick visit. Look after yourself in all this craziness!

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