Turning 30 In Style

The last post I made here was when I returned from my trip to Byron Bay Bluesfest at the end of April. So, guess what the occasion is this time?

I’m going to Mares Vivas music festival in Portugal next week!

That’s right friends, I’m a total nomad this year. Why? Well, because I can be, of course!

I mean, my lecturers aren’t as deliriously happy about it as I am, but they’ll live… and I’ll live happier.

Admittedly, there is a partial occasion for the trip. I turn 30 this month. And if I’m going to ‘grow old’, I’m sure not going to do it in Melbourne. I’m going to do it on the other side of the World. In the sunshine. With fine food, wine and music.

If you’re wondering what made me pick Mares Vivas, I’ll tell you. If you aren’t wondering that, I guess you’re about to get a clean version of TMI (Too Much Information).

It started as a daydream. A whimsical flick through the pages of the internet. I wondered to myself, “Where is Joss Stone touring the rest of this year? She said at Byron she was doing a World tour. Where does that entail?”

The first place I found was Switzerland. Her show in Switzerland was sold out.

The second place I found was at Mares Vivas music festival, on the banks of the Douro river in Porto, Portugal. The interwebz told me the festival was three days, the 17th – 19th of July. Perfect timing, since my birthday is on the 22nd. The Prodigy were set to headline day one, and Portishead and Joss Stone were headlining day three. Well then, that sounds pretty dreamy. Maybe I’ll have a cheeky glance at the price of flights.

Cool, they seem legit; maybe I could get away with just under a week there.

A week later (last week) and I’m sitting in the travel agency booking a two-week deal through Portugal and France with the lovely girl at the desk who is just too hard to say no to.

And this Monday I fly out. Porto for a week, Marseilles for my birthday (when I’m seeing Herbie Hancock in concert) and then a train up to Paris for the last 5 days. Brilliant.

Bring on the sun… and Joss Stone.