NOW it’s a challenge

NaNoWriMo is upon us. I blogged briefly about how I desired to take on the challenge of writing a short novel (50,000 words) in a month.

And I do. I will.

However, I have barely started. I knew I was going to be a week behind, though. I had my last week of University to contend with. And you know what “last week” means…

Major Assessments!

I handed one in today (Thursday) and have JUST completed the other due tomorrow. Once I hand that in, I am officially free!

And I’ll need to be.

If I thought 50,000 words in 30 days was a challenge, what does that make 48,000 in 23 days?

Impossible? Let’s find out.

I think I could… maybe… do it. I will have a lot of free time all of a sudden. If I write just over 2,000 words a day, every day, I’ll hit the target. That’s doable, right?


I think the hardest thing for me is having a good idea I can write that freely on. I often wrestle with my ideas for aaaaaaages. I’ll write a bunch, and then stop and contemplate absolutely everything. For some time. And then write a bunch more. And continue that cycle. I can’t afford to do that here. I need to be on autopilot. I’m not sure I can do that with my current idea. Maybe I’ll have to re-invent my story. Hmmm… tricky one.

I’ll keep you all posted. And I will be continuing, or restarting, tomorrow night.

Talk to you then, lovely bloggers!