Song of the Day – Jon Cleary

I’m off to Bluesfest again this year! And I leave in two weeks from yesterday. Let the countdown begin!

And as part of that, here is a song from Jon Cleary and The Absolute Monster Gentlemen. They’re my dark horse for best gig of the festival. But, time will tell on that one. For now, I’m just funking out to them funking out. Here is them doing a cover of The Meter’s ‘Just Kissed My Baby’.


Song of the Day – Cookin’ On 3 Burners

Now a bit of Aussie soul-funk-jazz.

Cookin’ On 3 Burners have always been awesome, but relatively unknown. It’s hard out here for a jazz trio.

Daniel Merriweather is a little more known, and they always like mixing it up with talented soul singers.

Anyway, last year, they collaborated, and gave us ‘Losin’ Streak’. The video obviously bore the budget one would expect from a hard-working Australian jazz trio, but the song is fun and funky. Here it is.

Song of the Day -Curtis Mayfield

Let’s stay old school and legendary for a day, with Curtis Mayfield’s ‘Keep On Keeping On’.

And may I put it to you all that his ‘Superfly’ soundtrack to the film of the same name, is the best movie soundtrack ever. Although, this song isn’t off that soundtrack. It just sparked my thought.


What’s your favourite film soundtrack?

Song of the Day – Jimi Hendrix

It’s time for song of the day! Of course, as I type this, I don’t yet know what it is. It’s not as though I have insufficient options. It’s just, yesterday was Joss Stone day, and, I mean, how do I follow that??

I don’t. I can’t. I’m out. Find your own damn song.


Oh, okay! I’ll come on back.

I’ll find one. I guess I’m going to have to go a little old school and bring out the big guns.

Bam! Jimi Hendrix, bitches!

Foxey Lady


Song of the Day – Ben Harper

For those who have followed this little blog for some time, you would know I went to Bluesfest in Byron Bay last year. And that it was a dream of mine since being a kid. Well I finally went and it was amazing. So when a friend suggested she would like to go this year for her first time, and wanted me to tag along, of course, I said yes. Actually, I think I said “YEEEEESSSSS!!!”

It didn’t hurt my decision-making process that Ben Harper is one of my favourite musicians ever. And within that group, he is one of the few I am yet to see live. And he is playing at Bluesfest this year.

So, today’s song, in anticipation of Bluesfest on Easter weekend in April, which I cannot wait for, is ‘With My Own Two Hands’ by Ben Harper.

Song of the Day – Fat Freddy’s Drop

Now we head to New Zealand! I don’t know why. Snow, hobbits, and underappreciated seven-piece funk machines?

The latter of which brings us to Fat Freddy’s Drop. I saw them at a festival here about five years ago and they were fantastic. They were one of two (musical) reasons I went to the festival, and they did not disappoint. The other was Blue King Brown, but they’ll be here another day.

Today you get ‘Boondigga’ by Fat Freddy’s Drop.

Song of the Day – ‘Talk Is Cheap’, Chet Faker

So, yesterday was Australia Day, for those playing outside Australia. As such, I felt it right to use an Australian artist for song of the day today.

Coincidentally, on Australia Day each year, Triple J, a national radio station, holds the ‘Hottest 100’ from midday onwards, which is voted on the couple of months prior by everyone anywhere. So we tend to have that playing over the top of our Australia Day BBQ’s with our mates.

The #1 song this year was by an Australian artist. So you get the winner today. ‘Talk Is Cheap’ by Chet Faker.

Song of the Day – The Commodores: ‘Easy’

I gave new meaning to the term ‘lazy Sunday’ today. After working a few nights in a row and having 3-4 hours sleep a day, followed by going to the pub then The Kooks concert last night and rocking in the city, I slept for a whopping 18 hours today. Yep, lazy Sunday iundeed.

As a result, the song of the day is late. But also, it is an easy song.

For today, a live performance of ‘Easy’ by The Commodores at the 1978 AMAs.