Now THAT’S A Happy Meal

My brother and his girlfriend visited me tonight. Out of the blue. I got a phone-call just after midnight. I was sitting on the couch, writing. I had the music channel playing on the telly. I guess they figured I’d be up. You wouldn’t call normal people at that hour. The call was from his girlfriend. She didn’t even have to ask if I was up. Just if I was home. She did ask if my housemate was awake. He’s interstate. She said they were in the area looking at Christmas lights and felt like popping in for a visit.

I love getting visits from them. I love my brother. We’re extremely close. And his girlfriend has only been on the scene for a couple of months, but that’s going really well. I’m glad, because she is awesome and they’re damn good together. I think the world of her already. So, naturally I was ecstatic that they felt I warranted an impromptu visit in the middle of the night.

And with them around (especially my brother) you always get odd snippets of conversation. I’ll leave you with some dialogue. I know, he’s a massive liability. Try going out in public with this guy. No shame.

Brother: I should put a dance pole in my room.

Me: You don’t have room in your room.

Bro’s GF: Put one in the… kitchen.

Bro: Yes! Then you can sexy dance while you make me a sandwich!

Bro’s GF: (laughing) I could do that!

Bro: You could use the mayonnaise as pole lube.

Me: Mayonnaise is not pole lube.

Bro: Oh, that was weird. I just got turned on and hungry at the same time.

Bro’s GF: Can we get cheeseburgers on the way home?

Bro: Aaaand clamburgers.

Me: They don’t sell those at McDonalds.

Bro (winking at his girlfriend): They don’t have to.

Daily Prompt: Home Sweet Home

The Daily Prompt asks us today, “When you’re away from home, what person, thing, or place do you miss the most?”

To be completely honest, I love getting away from home. I am definitely a nomad at heart. I could travel the World seemingly aimlessly and be so blissful. The only thing I would miss are my closest friends and family. There’s a few connections there that I would crave. Connections are everything. They’re (I think) the basic meaning of life. Every connection you feel; that is true living. Whether it’s to a person or otherwise, though the personal interconnections that can be two way streets are the best kind. But, as much as I miss my regular connections when I’m away, I do love creating and experiencing new ones wherever I go. That’s really what energizes me. No doubt.

And yes, I love the connection I have with you guys, too. My blogosphere buddies are very special to me. And I missed you when I was on my hiatus. I’m happy to admit that.

(This was short. I may be back in a minute with another post in a different topic. Thanks for reading!)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea


One thing everyone knows about me, is that I am a big fan of the sea. I feel a real affinity with it. I find it incredibly calming and centering.

The photo above shows my brother and niece mucking about in the shallows. To me, the sea has always had strong ties to family. I have great memories of my two brothers and I diving in the waves when we were little. For a time, our grandparents had a place in a small seaside town, and these days mum has a place at the beach. I’ll move seaside myself one day. Hopefully sooner than later.


For the Weekly Photo Challenge.

‘Me’ Music; Brotherly Love Edition

In this “Music That Makes Me, Me” edition I would like to honour some family favourites. I have included songs that remind me of each of my brothers.

Happy Endings by FAUL – A favourite of my 2.5 year-younger brother, Dillon. He’s a sucker for chilled sax solos as much as I.

Hoppipolla by Sigur Ros – My 9 year-younger brother, Rowan’s favourite band, Sigur Ros, and their favourite song of mine. Translated, ‘Hoppipolla’ means ‘jumping into puddles’. It is a song about being young at heart. I absolutely adore the music video.