Face Change

Okay, so it’s not a proper face change. But I did just change the profile pic on my Gravatar, or whatever that blasted thing is called.

That other one wasn’t recent. I mean, it was prettier, but not a true representation of the current me.

It was like, 4 years old now.

I’m not so pretty anymore. I’m feeling old.

But this new one is via the beach. From last weekend. So, it’s right current.

If it scares anyone I’ll switch it back. Promise! Haha.

Street Art; Part Uno

I love creative street art. Some people see it as vandalism. I guess I can understand that. It doesn’t bother me, though. And I definitely see the beauty in it. Now and then I may post a favourite. Here’s one right now…


Come on, that’s clever! And it’s not hurting anyone. I like it. It brings imagination into the World and makes me smile. When done right, it’s a wondrous thing. That example above, is of one done right.

Photo Credit: Mr. Pilgrim

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea


One thing everyone knows about me, is that I am a big fan of the sea. I feel a real affinity with it. I find it incredibly calming and centering.

The photo above shows my brother and niece mucking about in the shallows. To me, the sea has always had strong ties to family. I have great memories of my two brothers and I diving in the waves when we were little. For a time, our grandparents had a place in a small seaside town, and these days mum has a place at the beach. I’ll move seaside myself one day. Hopefully sooner than later.


For the Weekly Photo Challenge.



Photo courtesy of iruntheinternet.

The new iBoombox came out already? Why was I not informed?

Seriously though, this is probably me in 30 years. Technology be damned. Lord knows I won’t be able to keep up with the new tech at that point. And there’s no way I’m letting that get in the way of my music appreciation.

I guess I better get myself one of these bad boys before they sell out!

Baby Lemur

I visited the Melbourne Zoo… months ago. Seriously, it may have been last year. I don’t remember. Point is, I just got to sorting through the photos I took. I know, I’m the worst. But hey, better late than never I guess.

So this short post is just me throwing two of the photos at you all. There are some others that came out okay, and I may find an excuse to post them later. But for now, just two. Both are of a baby ring-tailed lemur. I know… adorable. So without further ado, I give you baby lemur:


Yes, that’s camera-shy mum hiding behind the tree. She wasn’t in the mood for paparazzi that day.


Isn’t s/he a cutie? Anyone know where I can get one??