Song of the Day – Cookin’ On 3 Burners

Now a bit of Aussie soul-funk-jazz.

Cookin’ On 3 Burners have always been awesome, but relatively unknown. It’s hard out here for a jazz trio.

Daniel Merriweather is a little more known, and they always like mixing it up with talented soul singers.

Anyway, last year, they collaborated, and gave us ‘Losin’ Streak’. The video obviously bore the budget one would expect from a hard-working Australian jazz trio, but the song is fun and funky. Here it is.


Song of the Day – Terry Callier

Today’s song is ‘You Goin’ Miss Your Candyman’ by Terry Callier. The song is off his 1973 album, What Color Is Love. It’s an awesome album. Maybe his best, but he did have a few great ones.

Man I wish I could have seen him live. This is just about the only live recorded version of this I could find on the interwebz, but you’ll get the idea.

Song of the Day -Curtis Mayfield

Let’s stay old school and legendary for a day, with Curtis Mayfield’s ‘Keep On Keeping On’.

And may I put it to you all that his ‘Superfly’ soundtrack to the film of the same name, is the best movie soundtrack ever. Although, this song isn’t off that soundtrack. It just sparked my thought.


What’s your favourite film soundtrack?

Song of the Day – Joss Stone

So, we go from yesterday’s song of the day, by Ben Harper, who I can’t wait to see at this year’s Bluesfest, to today’s song of the day, by a lovely, looooovely artist who I had the pleasure of being third from the front row to see at last years Bluesfest in April AND fourth from the front to see at Mares Vivas music festival in Portugal in July.

She is absolutely awesome live. Far beyond anything I even expected. So, today’s song of the day comes from my favourite festival artist from last year (yeah, bugger it, she even pips Dave Matthews Band. I mean, they didn’t play for me in Portugal, did they??). Joss Stone. The song is ‘Right to be Wrong’. Because we all have a right to be wrong, sometimes.

And, also, because she’s lovely.

Song of the Day – Fat Freddy’s Drop

Now we head to New Zealand! I don’t know why. Snow, hobbits, and underappreciated seven-piece funk machines?

The latter of which brings us to Fat Freddy’s Drop. I saw them at a festival here about five years ago and they were fantastic. They were one of two (musical) reasons I went to the festival, and they did not disappoint. The other was Blue King Brown, but they’ll be here another day.

Today you get ‘Boondigga’ by Fat Freddy’s Drop.

‘Me’ Music – Soulful Selection

I wanted to share some music. Well, I want to keep sharing music. And I realized I have not made a music post in the last month. Really, there’s is more than enough good music around, and even in my collection alone, to be able to share with you most days. Once a month is horrific. I do apologize. So, without further ado, I present to you tonight’s selection:

Fat Freddy’s Drop – “Clean The House

I saw Fat Freddy’s Drop, a New Zealand group, live a couple years ago. They are amazing. Absolutely spectacular live. I’m also more and more impressed each time they release something new.

Electric Empire – “Changin’

I saw Electric Empire live a couple years ago as well. Another great live band. I didn’t actually know them before that. They were opening for someone else. What a pleasant surprise. I own everything they do and always will. Love them.

Lee Fields & The Expressions – “You’re The Kind Of Girl

Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears  – “Livin’ In The Jungle

Charles Bradley And The Menahan Street Band – “The World (Is Going Up In Flames)

Alabama Shakes – “Hold On