The Worst Movie Death Scene Ever?

If you like ridiculous death scenes in films that are meant to be serious, you are going to enjoy this.
I was only going to do one video post for the Weekly Writing Challenge, but I could no longer resist the urge to share this with you all.
This is quite possibly the worst movie death scene ever. This clip is from the 1973 Turkish film ‘Kareteci Kiz’, which translates to ‘Karate Girl’… I think. My Turkish is a little rusty. And that isn’t a euphemism.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy this ridiculous scene. I know I get a laugh out of it every time.

And if you know of an even worse movie death scene, please feel free to share!

Weekly Writing Challenge: Reel Talk – Luther

This week’s Weekly Writing Challenge: Reel Talk asks us to incorporate a bit of cinema into our post. Well, if I can work out how, I will do just that.

This video (if I don’t fudge it up) is a trailer for the amazing TV mini-series, “Luther”. What a fantastic show it is. Being a definite fan of Idris Elba, I was extremely interested in watching this show. I don’t watch a lot of detective shows. But I just knew I’d like this. And I do. It’s very different to other cop shows. It takes risks others would not dare, and I think these risks pay off. All the performances are brilliant. I am enthralled every single second. I just finished watching the first two seasons today. Smashed them out in 4 days. I can go about finishing my assignment for Friday now.

I simply became hooked. And I want to watch it all again, right now. Particularly the first season. SO good. I highly recommend it. There are some pretty sinister themes in there, but if you can get through the squeamish bits, the show is magnificent.

So, my video post is basically a ‘two thumbs up’ review for the detective television mini-series that is “Luther”. Enjoy the trailer…