Song of the Day – Ben Harper

For those who have followed this little blog for some time, you would know I went to Bluesfest in Byron Bay last year. And that it was a dream of mine since being a kid. Well I finally went and it was amazing. So when a friend suggested she would like to go this year for her first time, and wanted me to tag along, of course, I said yes. Actually, I think I said “YEEEEESSSSS!!!”

It didn’t hurt my decision-making process that Ben Harper is one of my favourite musicians ever. And within that group, he is one of the few I am yet to see live. And he is playing at Bluesfest this year.

So, today’s song, in anticipation of Bluesfest on Easter weekend in April, which I cannot wait for, is ‘With My Own Two Hands’ by Ben Harper.


2 thoughts on “Song of the Day – Ben Harper

  1. Of course… an opportunity to return would come your way. 🙂 Chuffed (yes, I learned a new word from you) you’ll get to see and enjoy him! I can almost feel your anticipation and I even sense a bit of Ben you! Here’s to what you’ll be doing with your own two hands once you launch into your next life phase.

    • Thanks Eric! I love this comment! I’m chuffed myself! Haha. I think that’s the best compliment I’ve had; the sense of Ben. I’ll take it, graciously, for he is certainly someone I look up to. Much appreciated. 🙂

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