Best Moment Award… For meeee?

Another award?? Am I being Punk’d? Did someone lose a bet? Has there been a ‘poor bloggers’ charity initiated by kind do-gooders?

Well, a massive THANK YOU to the magnificent Jolene over at Valley Girl Gone Country for nominating me for the Best Moment Award. Isn’t she nice? The answer is ‘yes’!

If you are not aware of Valley Girl Gone Country, you should click that link, because, well, her blog is fascinating. And there’s a reason she keeps getting nominated for awards!


The Rules for the Best Moment Award are :

1. Display the award logo (check)

2. Link back to the person who nominated you (check)

3. State 7 things about yourself (Again? There aren’t that many things!)

4. Nominate 10-15 other bloggers for this award. (My pleasure. I won’t do 15 though, ’cause it’s 3 am and I want to sort through them all.)

Okay then, 7 things about me…

1. I could eat forever. Seriously. I’m a bottomless pit.

2. I consider myself a somewhat film buff. It’s always been a hobby. My film library is decent, though I have tapered off in recent times due to dwindling funds.

3. If I could play one sport it would be ice hockey. I love it. It’s easily my favourite sport. But, I cannot ice-skate. Well, not well. Certainly not well enough to play. I always say I should learn. And… I should… one day. I’d play as the goalie.

4. When I was younger I’d fantasize about being a screenwriter for film. I’ve always loved writing, and I guess it ties that in with #2. I have lots of amateur screenplays on various computers I’ve written. I suppose I still fantasize about it. That would be a dream.

5. I have two younger brothers. One 9 years younger than me, the other 2 and a half years younger. Yeah, lucky mum, raising three boys.

6. I also have a half-sister. She’s a great kid. 18 years younger than me.

7. I’m struggling for interesting facts. I don’t find myself that interesting. I hate talking about myself for the most part. I suppose that’s a fact. I really don’t get the hype any time there is any. And that’s not a modesty thing. It’s just a genuine disinterest. I guess that’s a flaw, but that’s cool. We gotta have flaws. I’m much more interested in other people. Always have been.

And now, the 10 bloggers I nominate for The Best Moment Award…

1. alienorajt

2. the drunken cyclist

3. The Girl Who Blogs

4. Escaping Elegance

5. Ned’s Blog

6. suzie81’s Blog

7. Beats of Pieces

8. Lakshani Suranga

9. spicedfox

10. scottishmomus

11. Awakening to Your Story

12. the mmmmm family

Sorry to those I left out because I didn’t get to 15. I’m falling asleep and I was hoping to post more before I did so. Fear not, I shall mention all you brilliant bloggers in due course. There are so many wonderful personalities in the blogosphere, and I absolutely love you all. Thanks for being magnificent!


29 thoughts on “Best Moment Award… For meeee?

  1. First of all, you’re post is dated August 6th and it’s the fifth here. How cool is that? My head’s kind of whirling at the idea .
    Congratulations on your award and thanks for the nomination.x

    • Wait… I’m not Jolene! If that was a congrats to her, then yes, her award was beyond deserved!
      If that was a typo, then you’re welcome, because I think your blog is another completely awesome one. You are seriously good! That post about the Kombi is one of my all-time favourite posts for sure.

  2. Congratulations, EJ – really pleased for you! And thanks for nominating me. Now, can I remember the technological wizardry necessary?!!!

    • Thank you Ali! My pleasure, as if I couldn’t! Your blog is definitely one of my faves. Good luck with that wizardry! It always takes me a while to sort that out, too. Haha.

  3. It would appear that you only need to get one award and then they all come flooding in! Well done and thank you so much for mine. I’m still trying to write up the other 2 so might be a while till I get to this one!! Goodness I’m well chuffed, thanks EJ 🙂

    • Oh, they can seriously take some time to write up, can’t they? Thank you, and congrats on all the awards yourself! It was about time somebody else nominated me so I actually had a chance to nominate your beautiful blog!

      • Thank you, I still can’t quite believe that people like reading it! Its such a lovely feeling. Right back to those 7 facts about me…..(scratches head, doodles on paper, gives up and goes and pours a glass of wine)

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  6. I feel like I’m batting clean-up (baseball parlance for those unfamiliar with the term) with my thanks among the worthy bloggers you’ve recognized. As were you, sleep beckons here but I am first choosing to express gratitude for your thoughtful gesture. You already know I appreciate the levity and light-heartedness of your posts; they’re often a counterbalance to my more ‘serious’ shares. 🙂 In any case, as a relatively new blogger, you’re developing a well-earned following. Congratulations to you!

    • Baseball terms?? You know I have to look those up! Haha. Thanks very much again, Eric. The gesture is my absolute pleasure. My blog cannot possibly be put in the same World as yours, for yours is elegantly inspiring and full of so much sincere truth, awareness and wisdom. My posts are only a counterbalance to yours in respect to quality. Haha. Though I appreciate the thought. Thanks again!

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  8. Ae EXTRA large thanks goes to you EJ for this blog award 🙂
    I enjoy reading your blog. I love the Being Humble post. It’s funny! All the best to you and your charming family! 🙂

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